Countries in Crisis

March 2022
Stowe Valley MAT raised over £6350 in aid of the humanitarian crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan. All proceeds will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and be matched by the government so we have actually raised twice as much.


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Well-being student uplifts
Caroline Bradburn

The Wellbeing team continue to brighten our students school day!

"The Creative team (Sophie S, George M, Alice V, Tegan S, Joanna W and Letitia C) within the Wellbeing team came up with the idea of congratulating 1 member from every tutor group across the whole school for their continued hard work throughout the year with the covid pandemic going on. We have created a small uplift/well done to remind the students nominated that their hard work and determination doesn't go unnoticed by teachers. This includes a card with the reason why they have received the uplift and a packet of Haribo's - which were kindly donated to us from Bookers in Warwick. The first round of uplifts for the students were given out on Friday 30th April. We are planning on running this until the end of the year to allow many more students the opportunity to receive this reward"

Sophie S, year 12"

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