Countries in Crisis

March 2022
Stowe Valley MAT raised over £6350 in aid of the humanitarian crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan. All proceeds will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and be matched by the government so we have actually raised twice as much.


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The Sabrina Jones Photography Competiton
Caroline Bradburn

2018 Theme - Time

What is time and how do we represent it visually? Photography captures moments in time but the theme of 'time' can be explored in many different ways.

Past, present, future. Memories, traces, reminders. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries. Passage of time through seasons, ages, times of life. These are some of the ideas you can use to explore this year's theme.

Make a photographic image that you feel best encapsulates your idea of 'time'. Images submitted must be all your own work.

Submit your photo to Label your picture clearly with your name and tutor group.

If anyone has any questions or needs help please ask Mrs Merlin-Warner, Head of Photography.

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