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March 2022
Stowe Valley MAT raised over £6350 in aid of the humanitarian crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan. All proceeds will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and be matched by the government so we have actually raised twice as much.


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Lunchtime Live
Caroline Bradburn

On Friday 5th May we held our “Lunchtime Live” coronation themed live music event

We took part in the national “Big coronation Lunch” in our own way, bringing students and staff together to eat food, celebrate the coronation and appreciate listening to our talented students from the Sixth Form Music society. The line up included Year 12 Abi Jones who sang beautifully with a backing track. This was followed by Gao Techahongsa who played impressive piano game music! A big well done to Ben Kirby who played solo on his guitar alongside a backing track and the event finished with Max Nyren, Hari Dawes, Sid England, Jack Smith and Oli Brown playing together as a newly established Indie Rock band! We really enjoyed seeing you all showcase your talents and you should be really proud of yourselves for your efforts. Additionally well done to Callum Banthien, Sahib Bhamra and Dan Beaton who led with the sound and lighting. Fantastic effort all!

Students who had a VIP’izza pre-purchased ticket were able to exchange at the "Coronation Big Lunch" food table to choose a pizza slice of their choice. They had the option to have a “King Charles” (Pepperoni), “Queen Camilla” (Cheese and tomato) or a “Prince and Princess” (Ham and Pineapple) slice and also received a complimentary soft drink! Other students, paid on the door to donate to charity and came along to support the acts.

Thank you to all parents, staff and students who donated and came along to support the event. A big thank you to Mrs Montgomerie who leads the Sixth Form music society who organised the acts and helped to promote. Additionally, thanks to Mr Thompson Head of the Music Department for stage managing, sorting the equipment and compering. We also appreciated the support from the Heads of House, SLT and the Sixth Form pastoral team for supervising and promoting. A special thank you to the volunteers within Year 12 and the Sixth Form Wellbeing Team; Marlena, Savannah, Poppy, Kylie, Isabel, Lily, Cameron, Harry and Tallis who have spent hours during their own free time to put together decorations, preparing the pizza, serving drinks and helping with ticketing. You really brought it all together to make the special touches so well done team! A fantastic team effort from all involved and a memorable occasion.

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