Countries in Crisis

March 2022
Stowe Valley MAT raised over £6350 in aid of the humanitarian crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan. All proceeds will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and be matched by the government so we have actually raised twice as much.


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Holdenby House Visit
Caroline Bradburn

Last week, Years 5 and 6 visited Holdenby House to introduce their topic this term: The Victorians. 

The children (and adults) were transported back in time to the late eighteen-hundreds to experience life in a Victorian House. The children did all kinds of chores around the house including polishing shoes/boots; making beds; cooking in the huge kitchens.  They also experienced the strict regime of being educated in a Victorian School (that was a bit of shock!).   

The children looked fantastic in their outfits and thank you to the parents who put so much effort into making the children look/feel like Victorians. 

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